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AGM Announcement

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Message from the Club President:

Thank you to those of you who made it to the AGM.  You have made some important decisions which will take us forward in a more focused approach.  I want to remind you of the major changes:

1)     We will only enter 2 teams in the SCCA (Div 1 an Div 2).  We have dropped the Div 3 team.  We will also not be taking the option to return next year, since it would cost us this year’s dues (minus variable costs) and we will have to return to Div 4 anyways.

2)     We will continue to have 4 VPs.  However, we have merged the Events position into Administration, and created a new VP of Facilities and Equipment.

3)     The EC will decide a roster committee, who will then work together to appoint a captain and vice captain. The EC will meet soon to get this process started.

Perhaps the most significant changes are related to membership.  Please expect an e-mail from Hrishi, our new VP of Finance, with a detailed set of activities.  I want to emphasize that Feb 4th is the deadline for the application for membership (and dues).  If on Feb 4th, we do not have enough members, then the EC will meet to decide whether we should enter only ONE team in the SCCA.

We hope that this will be the year, when we recollect our dedicated members and continue to build a strong base.  Thank you.


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