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Sysintelli Cup T25 and Picnic on Saturday, August 27

August 25, 2011

Message from the President

Members of SDCC:

As you know, we just completed the Sysintelli Cup.  As promised, we have organized a T25/Picnic/Mom,Wives/Children Day for this Saturday August 27th.  Here is how the day will look:

9AM – Players (see team below) will report to the field.  Your captain will get in touch with you about dress code and other expectations.

11AM – T25 game will begin

12 noon – family will arrive

1PM (or at lunch) – Oye Tandoori (light lunch)

End of first innings/break – We will have a 5 overs Kanga cricket match.  The two teams will be Moms/Wives versus Children.

At this time, we will begin our BBQ (Chicken, Veg, and hot dogs for the children)

After the conclusion of the Kanga match, we will resume the second half of the T25 match … the BBQ for the family will continue … and we will arrange impromptu games ….  The children will be in charge.

After the T25 game os over, we will have an early dinner (Oye Tandoori) and presentation during dinner.

So, as you can see, we have a fun packed day.  I hope to see you and your family.


No. Team-A Team-B Role
1 Vishal (Capt.) Ben (Capt.) AR
2 Jatin Shyam AR
3 Wayne Raj Ghai AR
4 Gopal Bansi BO
5 Kashish Kabir BO
6 Raju P Teja BO
7 Sujith Ram BT
8 Kumar Patnaik BT
9 Joe Ganga BT/WK
10 Jitu Hrishi BT/WK
11 Vikram Badri BT
12 Sanjeev Monesh BT
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