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AGM Notes

February 12, 2012

The San Diego Cricket Club AGM was held on Feb 12th at the Gurudwara. Notes from the AGM are listed below.

The President, Gangaram Singh called the meeting to order. His primary goal for the year is get better pitches in San Diego. He talked about steps that are being taken in that direction. He also discussed his vision to enhance the longer version of the game in San Diego. He asked all members to recruit new players to the club.

Benson Thomas, Captain of Team 1, discussed some of the challenges faced during the season. Five core players from the previous years retired, which lead to availability issues for the team.

Vishal Upadhyay, Captain of Team 2, echoed availability issues as well, even though his team had a large roster.

Hrishikesh Unni presented the state of the club’s finances. After many years of running deficits, the club reached break even this year and repaid the debts of previous years! This is a major accomplishment.

Ram Madabushi, the presiding officer, then vacated the existing EC positions and called for elections. Here are the results of the elections (and the new EC for 2012):

Gangaram Singh was elected President.
Rajinder Ghai was elected VP Administration.
Murtuza Chhatriwala was elected VP Communications.
Ram Madabushi was elected VP Finance.
Hari Sukumar and Bansidhar Gopal were elected joint VP of Facilities.

Congratulation to the new members of the EC, and thank you to the members of the past EC for your service to the club.

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