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SDCC2: Game 1 Result: Pasadena-1 beat SDCC2 by 3 wickets

April 17, 2012
SDCC2 lost the game but not without a tough fight…


Due to the rain over the weekend, pitch was a bit wet in the morning. Pasedana1 won the toss and elected to field. Being the first game of the season and lot of players got used to the T20 style of batting the plan was to switch gears, transition to the longer version and play out all 40 overs without worrying too much about the runs. Jitendra and Vinay opened the batting, we knew that the ball wasn’t going to come so shots were restricted and started accumulating runs in singles and doubles with a couple of boundaries, it was going slow but steady score was reading 24 for no loss in 8th over at that point Vinay got runout trying to steal a cheeky single in front of square leg, Rahul S. came in and started playing very sensible cricket trying to consolidate and build partnership, score read 38 for 1 in 12th over when Jitendra got caught trying to drive a slower ball at mid of, Sridhar went in his stay was short tried to square drive the ball going away from his body ended up getting caught in the gulley reagon score was now reading 41 for 3 in the 13th over. At this point experienced Ram went into bat and looked solid right from the start, at the other end Rahul S. was batting well just when things started looking good for SD2 in trying to flick a ball Rahul S. got a leading edge, we were 55 for 4, Ganga went in and before having a good read of the pitch was caught in front of the stumps. At this point Rahul C. went in and Ram and Rahul C. had a good 30 run partnership and seemed like were out of the woods at 92 for 5 in 23 overs, it was an entertaining short session where Ram had started middling the ball with two consecutive boundaries all along the ground, and Rahul C. hitting the first ball out of the park for a six and things were started looking really good. But at that point Amarjeet came into attack and luck turned the their way, we lost 3 wickets in that over, Ram got out bold unluckily on a rolling delivery, Fanil and Clarke fell in the same over score was 104 for 8 in 24th over.


Rahul C. kept batted like a champ hitting anything in his zone and defending and getting singles and doubles, Hasitha tried supporting him steadily but was unlucky to get caught at mid on to a full blooded shot which kind of stuck in the fielders hand this short innings costed him a lot of sledging from the spectators. Nathan went in at that point and played very intelligently, tried supporting Rahul very well when the partner ship was building up they had 25 runs in 7 overs, score read 135/9 in 33 overs, at this point Nathan was adgudged LBW a totally dodgy decision considering the fact that he was stretched fully forward and ball hit above the kneeroll and Nathan is 6.2, Rahul C. ran out of partners and with the help of his solid knock of 41 not out in 39 balls, with 3 massive sixes and 2 4s, SD2 had 135 on the board.


Fanil and Nathan started the procedings Fanil bowling tight line and length started with 2 maidens, Nathan got the first wicket when Rahul S. held on to a very difficut catch running back and jumping in the air to catch the ball, P1 were 12 for 1 in 6th over, after that Jatinder and Vishal batted very patiently, Sridhar and Clarke bowled their good short spells, then Hasitha came into attack to try to break the partnership, he did exactly that just before the break Vishal got out to a brilliant piece of stumping by Ganga off of Hasitha’s perfect dipping and turning delivery, the score at this point was 52 for 2 in 17 overs, after the break Noorali and Jatinder again put another 26 runs, Fanil came into attack again and this time he struck 3 times and created two additional chances one sitter dropped by Jitendra at silly mid off, of a beautifully setup slower delivery and another at covers. P1 were 118 for 5 and Hasitha in his 6th over struck twice 123/7 after that Sudhakar and Surinder scored remaining 13 runs in 4 overs.


Thruout the time SD2 fielded brilliantly, all the players were backing the bowlers and knowing that we were defending a low total at no point in the game shoulders were down, this is a great sign, with this attitude wins have to come our way. Clarke’s jump over the fence trying to stop the ball from crossing the boundary was spectacular (Shabash Clarke), great keeping by Ganga two days in a row, two brilliant stumping,  Rahul S. great catch taking advantage of his height, very well judged catch by Ram at long off, great support from Eltimon, Balaji, Aman and Amit. It was nice to see them on the ground to cheer the team, special mention Eltimon stayed after the game to help with the wicket, great commitment. Overall even though we lost the game, but I see more positives than negatives in this game. But guys we have got to bat out 40 overs next time, so please apply yourselves just think as if you are the last batsman whenever you go into bat, result would have been different had we have batted all overs.


And last but not the least many thanks to Hari and Bansi and the team to continually work on the wicket.


Scoresheet can be found at: Pasadena1 vs SDCC2 – April 15, 2012


Well done SDCC2!
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