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SDCC game results – Week of 07/07 – 07/08

July 8, 2012

SDCC-1 vs Ventura:

The game was played in good spirits.

SDCC-1 won the toss and elected to bowl first.

Playing with only 10 men, SDCC-1 had to make early in-roads to gain the advantage and set the tone for the match. CP and Jatin started off bowling a tight line and length, giving nothing away. The Ventura batsmen got off to a sedate start with no runs being scored at either end. CP got the prized wicket of Sunny Ram, one of the highest run scorers in the division, caught behind. Vishal, who came in first change got two wickets of consecutive balls which started the slide for Ventura. Hasi, who bowled his first spell this season for SDCC-1,  was terrific at the other end, picking wickets almost every over. His flight, turn and “pace” was too much to handle for the opposition. He finished his amazing first spell with figures of 7-1-10-6. This meant that Ventura finished with a paltry total of 58.
The SD batsmen made short work of the run chase, finishing it off in under 9 overs. This makes it 6-1 for SDCC-1.

Score sheet can be found at: SDCC1 vs Ventura – July 07, 2012

Well done SDCC1 – Keep it going!

SDCC-2 vs Pasadena – 1

Score sheet can be found at: SDCC2 vs Pasadena 1 – July 08, 2012

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