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Game Results: July 14/15 weekend

July 17, 2012

SDCC2 vs Ventura played at Wong on July 14, 2012

Score sheet can be found at: SDCC-2 vs Ventura – July 14, 2012

Record: 2-7

Long way to go! Keep fighting!

SDCC-1 vs Pasadena-1 played at Severn on July 15, 2012

SDCC1 won the toss and elected to field first.

CP and Jatin started things off as usual. However, it was Kabir’s spectacular pick up and throw from point that gave us our first wicket. Jatin got the following wicket by getting a length ball to rise sharply and hit the batsmen’s glove on the way to Vishal at gully. Gaurav came in first change and was yet again amongst the wickets getting the ball to seam and swing at will. All this while, even though the scoring was at a snail’s pace, one of the Pasadena openers was holding fort. It took the guile of Raju to finally end his resistance of 78 balls. With the stage set for an early lunch and drive back to SD, Pasadena pulled a fast one on us by bringing in one of their better batsmen at number 10. They were reeling at 72/8 when Amarjeet and Surinder looked to counter attack and put some valuable runs on the board. After a short burst of attacking batting and wayward bowling, things quitened down with CP and Gaurav coming back for their second spells. They put the brakes on scoring but it was Jatin who would end the 76 run partnership with 2 wickets in quick succession. Pasadena ended their innings on 148, double of what the initial projection was.
149 runs to chase, finally gave our batsmen an opportunity to stay at the crease longer. Vishal was the stand-in opener to accompany Rahil in Joe’s absence. His no nonsense approach to batting meant that the scoreboard was ticking at 6 runs per over even though Pasadena was able to make in-roads at the other end. Gaurav and Vishal shared a healthy 46-run partnership which was pre-maturely ended because of some poor running. Vishal, 3 runs away from a well deserved fifty, was bowled around his legs trying to paddle the ball to fine leg. Ben scored a quick 31 off 20 balls which meant that the deficit was cut down in double time. CP and Bansi finished things off without any further hiccups.
Score sheet can be found at: SDCC-1 vs Pasadena-1 – July 15, 2012

Record: 7-1


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