Article 1 –        NAME

The Club shall be known as SAN DIEGO CRICKET CLUB, hereinafter referred to as the Club.

Article 2 –         HEADQUARTERS

The Headquarters shall be maintained in San Diego County, California.

Article 3 –         OBJECTIVES

The Club is a non-profit organization with its primary objective:

  • to serve the cricketing community and to encourage, promote and develop the game of cricket;
  • to furnish a means of government for the management of the Club;
  • to provide property (gears) and to field as many teams as the roster can comfortably handle so as to allow as many members the chance to play league cricket; and
  • to help develop members as they join the Club.

Article 4 –         MEMBERSHIP

Membership may be granted subject to the following requirements:

  • Application for membership must be made on the Club’s application form, which includes the following information – applicant’s full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and agreement to abide by the constitution of the Club and the rules and regulations of any association with which this Club may be affiliated.
  • Application must be endorsed by the Executive Committee.
  • Application shall be accompanied by one year’s membership dues.  The membership dues accompanying rejected applications shall be returned promptly to unsuccessful applicants.
  • Formal action on application shall be acted upon by the Executive Committee at its next meeting.

Article 5 –         DUES

The annual fees for all classes of membership shall be fixed each year by the Executive Committee.  Dues for the current year are payable in advance on or before the last day of February.  There will be a late fee penalty for all late annual fees.  Game fees will be fixed each year by the Executive Committee and is payable before the start of each game.  All playing members for each game are expected to be at the field one half hour before start. Any player arriving late (after game commences) will be charged a late fee to be fixed by the Executive Committee at the start of each season.

Associates membership dues of non-playing members elected to membership shall be fixed by the Executive Committee.

A member elected to Life Membership at an A.G.M. will be exempt from annual dues.  Such Life Membership shall not be purchased.


The OFFICERS of the Club shall consist of the President, 4 Vice-Presidents (Administration, Finance, Communication, and Events), as well as the Captains of each team.

THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall consist of the President, the Vice-Presidents, and the Captains (or in their absence, the respective Vice-Captains) of each team.

The members of the Executive Committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting by all members in good-standing (See Article 23) and must be registered as Club members for the season of their office, with the exception of the Captains.  All Captains and Vice Captains will be appointed by the President and 4 Vice Presidents.

The Executive Committee shall conduct the normal business of the Club, and shall meet as often as it deems necessary.

The President will act as Chairman of the Executive Committee.

A Quorum of the Executive Committee shall consist of four (4).

Any members of the Executive Committee who misses three consecutive meetings may be subject to replacement on the Committee.  His/Her replacement will be selected as the result of a two-thirds assenting vote of the remaining members of the Committee.

Article 7 –         SELECTION COMMITTEE

The Selection Committee shall consist of the Captain and two additional members selected by the Executive Committee.

The duties of the Selection Committee shall be to select from the members in good standing the players for each scheduled match, at its sole discretion, and its decision shall be final and binding.

Article 8A –      PRESIDENT

The President shall preside at all Club meetings and at the Annual General Meeting.  In his/her unavoidable absence, the Chair shall be taken by the Vice-President of Administration, or another Officer of the Club, who shall be nominated by the Executive Committee.

The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees except the Selection Committee.  The President is responsible for co-ordinating the strategy of Club, including the development of cricket in the community.

Article 8B –      VICE PRESIDENTS


The Vice-President of Administration, in the absence of the President, shall assume the duties of the President and shall have all his/her authority.  He/She is expected to perform any duties of supervision as assigned by the President.

The Vice President of Administration is also responsible for the coordination of all social activities of the Club, especially the annual awards banquet.


The Vice President of Finance is responsible for the coordination of fund raising (including sponsorship), the maintenance of an income statement for the Club, and the disbursement/deposit of funds in the Club’s bank account.


The Vice President of Communication is responsible for all written communications for the Club, the marketing of Club, and the maineinance of the website of the Club.

Facility and Equipment

The Vice President of Facility and Equipment is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of grounds, nets, and equipment under the ownership/control of the Club.

Article 8C –      CAPTAINS

The Captains shall be responsible for the coordination of activities of the team.  The main responsibility of the Captains is to the lead the team on the field of play.

Article 8D –      VICE CAPTAINS

The Vice Captains will support the Captains in coordinating the team and leading the team on the field of play.

In the absence of the Captains, the Vice Captains will coordinate and lead the team.

The Vice Captains will work closely with the Vice President of Events to coordinate the social activities of the Club as well as special events.

Article 9 –         VACANCIES

It shall be the duty of the Executive Committee to appoint suitably qualified persons to fill all vacancies, except for the post of the President and Captains, occurring during the year; and such appointees shall hold office only until their successors are appointed or elected at the next A.G.M.  In the event of vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice-President of Administration shall hold that position for the term and in the event of vacancy in the office of team Captain, the Vice-Captain shall fill that position for the remainder of the term.

Article 10 –       AFFILIATIONS

Affiliations of this Club with Associations or competitors shall be decided by the Executive Committee.

Article 11 –       USING THE NAME OF THE CLUB

No person or persons, other than the Executive Committee or their authorized representatives shall be permitted either in person or by petition to represent this Club in any public transaction, and no credit established or liability incurred by any person on behalf of the Club, unless previously authorized to do so by the Executive Committee in writing.

Article 12 –       RULES OF ORDER

All meetings of the Club, or its Committees, shall be governed by Parliamentary Rules of

Procedure (Robert’s Rule of Order).


On written request, signed by 50% of members in good-standing, the Executive Committee shall, without delay, call a Special General Meeting to attend to the specific matter for which the meeting is requested.  Such request shall become effective if, when signed and dated, an Annual General Meeting shall not have been called, or if such has been called, shall constitute an item on the agenda.

The Executive Committee has the right to call a Special General Meeting of the Club to discuss and vote on special developments.

Article 14 –       OTHER MATTERS

All players will be expected to conduct themselves in a gentlemanly fashion on and off the field. Quarreling with the umpires, fellow members, members of the opposing team or the use of bad language is unacceptable and will lead to disciplinary action by the Executive Committee.

The use of alcoholic beverages is not permitted when the game is in progress.  Alcoholic beverage consumption in the public parks is banned by law.

On all other matters and subjects affecting the interest of the Club and not specifically provided for herein, the judgment and decision of the Executive Committee shall be made and considered binding.

Such judgment and decision of the Executive Committee shall be made known to the membership at the next regular General Meeting of the Club.


If a member wishes to resign he/she shall signify the same in writing to the Vice President of Communication.

Should a member’s conduct be considered by the Executive Committee to be prejudicial to the interests of the Club, he/she may be called upon to be suspended and/or to resign.  If called upon to resign, his/her subscription for the year shall be returned to him/her.  He/She shall, however, have the right to appeal to a Special Grievance Committee within ten (10) days of the notice being sent to him/her.  In the event of his/her exercising such rights, he/she shall at the same time deposit a sum of twenty five ($25.00) dollars with the Vice President of Finance to cover the expenses incurred on a Special Grievance Committee together with a grievance letter.  If his/her appeal is to be upheld, the deposit of $25.00 shall be refunded.


The Executive Committee will appoint a Grievance Committee to hear such grievances submitted to the Vice President of Communication in writing.  The decision of the Grievance Committee will be final.  The appointment of the Grievance Committee will be at the beginning of each season.


Members who have resigned or been expelled may no longer participate in any activities, practices or cricket matches whether they be friendly or league, as part of the Club.

Article 16 –       LAWS OF CRICKET

The laws of cricket, as revised by the ICC, shall govern all matches in which this Club participates, subject to the rules and regulations affected or modified By-Laws of the Southern California Cricket Association, as may be enacted from time to time.

Article 17 –       ANNUAL MEETING

The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M.) shall be held each year in the month of January, February, or March or as soon thereafter as is practical.

The Vice President of Communication shall give notice to all members of the time and place of the Annual General Meeting at least fifteen (15) day prior to the date of said Meeting.  The Agenda will be decided by the Executive Committee.  Any member can request an item be placed on the agenda, but the Executive Committee will decide on the final agenda for the AGM.

Article 18 –       AMENDMENTS

Anything to the contrary herein contained not withstanding these rules can only be amended at the Annual General Meeting or at a Special General Meeting of the Club by the membership present with 51% certification of the total membership in good-standing.  All amendments proposed must be filed in writing and signed by a member in good-standing of the Club.  They must be presented to the Vice President of Communication on or before thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date for the Special General Meeting of the Club, and it shall be mandatory upon the Executive Committee to furnish each member in good-standing with a copy of all proposed amendments, at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the Special General Meeting.  The Executive Committee shall have the option at the same time of such furnishing of proposed amendments to the rules, of expressing its opinions, if any, thereto.

Votes by proxy must be handed, or mailed, to the Vice President of Communication prior to the Commencement of the Annual General Meeting or any Regular General Meeting.

Article 19 –       ELIGIBILITY

Anything to the contrary herein contained notwithstanding an eligible member shall be in good-standing whose annual dues shall have been paid to the Club for each playing season prior to the 1st day of April.  A member not in good-standing shall not be eligible to play for the Club in any competition match, as laid down by the rules of the Southern California Cricket Association.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, an eligible member shall qualify for play in scheduled competition matches only if the requirements as exist at the certification hereof, are complied with by the member.

In all other respects, eligibility for play by a member in good-standing shall be governed by the currently prevailing rules of the Southern California Cricket Association.

A member of the Club shall become one in good-standing at such time as his annual dues for all prior seasons and the current playing season shall have been paid to the Treasurer and note thereof shall have been filed with Secretary.

Article 20 –       LIFE  MEMBERSHIP

It shall be a prerogative of the membership present to propose the life membership of any member, in consideration of the proposed life member’s outstanding services to the Club.  Such election shall be strictly in accordance with the Parliamentary Rules of Procedure with the exception that such election may be conducted by a showing of hands, acclaim or as may be so directed for the Chair.

Election to life membership in the Club shall thereupon exempt the said elected member from annual dues henceforth, but the said life member shall be a member in good-standing at all times and included in all membership rosters.


1.    Only members in good standing for one (1) year prior to the current year may vote.

2.    Written proxy votes are permitted.  These must be received by the Vice President of Communication by mail two days ahead of the meeting or handed in at the meeting.  Written proxy votes should specify first and/or second choice, naming the proposed candidate; and not be blank.  These should be sealed and be opened only at the meeting.

3.    A nominee seeking any position in office must be physically present at the A.G.M. and must be a member in good standing and has been a member for a minimum of one (1) full year prior to the current year.  Under special circumstances beyond the nominee’s control, an application may be submitted in absentia for an office and may be voted upon provided the nominee submits a written request for the desired office.

4.    Life members and associates members are permitted to vote.

Article 22 –       EQUIPMENT

The equipment of all teams will be the property of the Club.  The Vice President of Facility and Equipment is required to take and report the equipment inventory at the beginning and the end of the season.  The score book should be turned over to the Vice President of Communication promptly at the end of the season.

Article 23 –       QUORUM

1.    The quorum for the Annual General Meeting shall be a minimum of 25% of the members in good-standing.

2.    The quorum for an Executive Committee meeting shall be four (4).


Club members recognize that the Club cannot be held legally responsible for any injuries resulting from the participation in the Club activities both on and off the field.  By the Article, the Club members fully recognize that neither the Club nor its management team is liable for any claims or injuries resulting from the pursuit of the game or the social activities of the Club.  Further, all members are bound by the decisions of the Executive Committee and that is the sole and only legal authority that governs the Club code of honor and its rules and regulations.

Article 25 –       DISPUTE RESOLUTION

Any and all disputes which cannot be settled at the team level will be resolved by the Executive Committee.  The decision of the Executive Committee is final and binding.

Article 26 –       CERTIFICATION

The undersigned hereby certify that these By-Laws were duly approved as herein by a majority of all members (as required by Article 20) present at the Special General Meeting of the Club.



Vice President Communication


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